2019 Canadian Pasta Consumer Trend Report

2019 Canadian Pasta Consumer Trend Report

Pasta and noodle consumption remains high in Canada but challenges around off-premise consumption exist. Using data from a survey of more than 1,000 consumers, Technomic’s 2019 Canadian Pasta Consumer Trend Report encompasses the trends in all pasta and noodle varieties, including Italian, Asian, pasta salad, and mac and cheese. Explore consumer sentiment toward pasta and gain actionable recommendations on how to get ahead.

Report Benefits:

  • Learn how often and why consumers eat pasta and noodles, including Italian pastas, Asian noodles, pasta salads and macaroni and cheese
  • Understand the factors that influence consumers’ purchasing decisions when ordering pasta dishes
  • Uncover attitudes around timely topics such as plant-based noodles, unique flavours and delivery
  • Fuel menu development by analyzing menu trends alongside consumer preferences

Report Features

  • Full report narrative in PowerPoint format
  • Access to consumer survey
  • Consumer data sets in Excel