Bakery & Coffee Cafe Consumer Trend Report

Bakery & Coffee Cafe Consumer Trend Report

Confronted by COVID-19 repercussions, cafes are experiencing declines in visits as well as shifts in consumer behaviors.  In response to an increase in at-home beverage solutions, cafes are finding new ways to drive menu innovation by offering unique, hard-to-replicate beverages and food options.

Discover what the top cafes are promoting and how cafes are becoming more tech-enabled to satisfy consumer demands with the 2020 Bakery and Coffee Cafe Consumer Trend Report. Utilize these valuable insights to remain ahead of consumer expectations and competition.

Report Benefits

  • Learn how often consumers order from bakery and coffee cafes
  • Understand the impact COVID-19 is having on visitation as well as at-home beverage behavior
  • Examine traffic drivers to understand consumers’ purchasing decisions
  • Fuel menu development by analyzing menu trends alongside consumer preferences
  • Track the sales performance of the bakery and coffee cafes, including 2020 projections for leading chains

Report Features

  • Access to reports on the dynamic online platform, Ignite
  • Analysis based on original research from a proprietary consumer survey
  • PowerPoint report
  • Consumer survey and full dataset, broken out by age, gender, region and income
  • One-pager of key themes and trends