2018 Beverage Consumer Trend Report

2018 Beverage Consumer Trend Report

With the average consumer ordering four or more drinks a week, beverages play an increasingly significant role in the overall foodservice experience and should be a focal point for suppliers and operators. One of the challenges being faced in this category is the balancing act between offering high-calorie sugary versus healthier—even plant-based—options.

Purchase Technomic’s 2018 Beverage Consumer Trend Report to uncover all the challenges, opportunities and consumer attitudes regarding beverage in foodservice. Drive growth by leveraging key findings and trends while utilizing actionable data from over 1,450 consumers.

Report Value

  • Understand how consumption differs by beverage for at-home and foodservice occasions
  • Uncover which beverages are purchased most often across different foodservice segments
  • Discover the motivators and drivers for beverage purchases
  • Identify what’s next for beverages

Report Features

  • Full report narrative in PowerPoint format
  • Access to consumer survey
  • Access to searchable online tool to navigate through report
  • Consumer data sets in Excel