2018 UAE Country Report

2018 UAE Country Report

With drone delivery on the rise globally, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the United Arab Emirates take a more aggressive approach to this new technology. Known to be quick adopters of new technologies, this region may soon become a leader in this innovative delivery space. Explore all the latest trends and consumer preferences in Technomic’s 2018 UAE Country Report.

What can you do with this report?

  • Understand the current economic status in the UAE with information about gross domestic product, currency trends, population data and market news
  • Examine the current and forecasted menu trends in the UAE to better position your offerings
  • Analyze the eating habits of consumers in the UAE with information on segment and demographics
  • Receive profiles on the top global operators with a presence in the UAE as well as leading UAE operators, including development news, menu information and other insights
  • Access important foodservice news relevant to the UAE

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