2018 Canadian Dessert Consumer Trend Report

2018 Canadian Dessert Consumer Trend Report

The Canadian dessert segment is ripe with opportunity. From brightly colored sweets to over-the-top milkshakes, dessert occasions are increasingly becoming anytime occurrences rather than simply reserved for after meals.

Uncover all the challenges, opportunities and consumer attitudes in Technomic’s 2018 Canadian Dessert Consumer Trend Report. Drive growth by leveraging key findings and trends, while utilizing actionable data from over 1,100 consumers.

Report Value

  • Examine how definitions of dessert have changed and evolved
  • Uncover which attributes consumers consider to be most important when deciding what dessert to order
  • Discover which dessert categories and menu items are growing and which are on the decline
  • Identify trends and what’s next for dessert offerings from the foodservice industry

Report Features

  • Full report narrative in PowerPoint format
  • Access to consumer survey
  • Access to searchable online tool to navigate through report
  • Consumer data sets in Excel