Future of LSR Consumer Trend Report

Future of LSR Consumer Trend Report

While limited-service restaurants have been quick to respond to the pandemic with both their service styles and menu offerings, continuing to evolve with customer behavior will be critical. As LSR operators look to find a new normal, it will be important to recognize that this new normal won’t come all at once. Instead, customer behavior and attitudes will continue to change due not only to the pandemic but also from the economic fallout. Get the full update, guidance and recommendations with the Future of LSR Consumer Trend Report.

Report Benefits

  • Learn how often consumers order from fast-food and fast-casual restaurants
  • Examine traffic drivers to understand consumers’ purchasing decisions
  • Fuel menu development by analyzing menu trends alongside consumer preferences
  • Track the sales performance of the limited-service segment
  • Explore attitudes toward timely topics like the coronavirus outbreak and third-party delivery

Report Features

  • Full report narrative in PowerPoint format
  • Access to consumer survey
  • Access to searchable online tool to navigate through report
  • Consumer data sets in Excel