2018 Malaysia Country Report

2018 Malaysia Country Report

To keep up with evolving consumer needs, Malaysian operators are switching up venues and formats to offer more convenient locations and off-premise options. The overall focus is on reaching customers wherever they are and providing viable takeaway options, reducing customers’ wait times. Explore more trends and discover which brands are growing in this region in Technomic’s 2018 Malaysia Country Report.

What can you do with this report?

  • Understand the current economic status in Malaysia with information about gross domestic product, currency trends, population data and market news
  • Examine the current and forecasted menu trends in Malaysia to better position your offerings
  • Analyze the eating habits of consumers in Malaysia with information on segment and demographics
  • Receive profiles on the top global operators with a presence in Malaysia as well as leading Malaysian operators, including development news, menu information and other insights
  • Access important foodservice news relevant to Malaysia

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